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News Guangdong

Motherland always backs Macao, boosts confidence: Chief Executive Chui Sai On

Chui hailed the central government for caring for Macao residents' welfare, saying with the country's support, the SAR government put forward a development scheme in which people's livelihood improvement is highlighted.

Chinese wisdom taking root in Amazon rainforest

Little known is the fact that Chinese scientists have participated in joint research and biodiversity protection in the Amazon since 2008, contributing their wisdom to the world's largest tropical rainforest.

Huawei files legal challenge to FCC restrictions

"Banning a company like Huawei, just because we started in China -- this does not solve cybersecurity challenges," said Song Liuping, Huawei's chief legal officer.

London Summit exposes differences, discords within NATO

NATO summit ends in London. But differences remain among the 29 members of the military alliance.

Officials of Consulates in Guangzhou visit Huadu District

More than 30 officials of Consulates in Guangzhou visited Huadu, a district in the north of Guangzhou, on December 6th.

Business Promotion Fair connects Guangdong enterprises with Africa

An International Business Promotion Fair was held at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies on December 4th, with the purpose of assisting Cantonese enterprises to enter the African market.
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